Eric Trometer

self-shooting director


Eric is a self-shooting director who shot films across all genres. He loves taking on challenges like lighting 100 musicians, for a 37 camera shoot in a complex venue with a tight budget (all without making the stage too hot). He has that rare combination of being highly imaginative and sensitive, with the skill to bring emotions onto the screen. Eric is as comfortable working along the Philharmonia orchestra, Akram Khan, Hussein Chalayan as following the displaced in Darfur. The projects he worked on have been nominated in Cannes, broadcast on CNN, Channel 4 and featured in Apple ads. He loves working with people from all walks of life!

When he doesn’t film Eric spends his time underwater freediving and holds his breath for 5 minutes. Occasionally he remembers to breathe so he meditates.

what people say about Eric

  • Eric is brilliant to work with. He has that rare combination of being highly imaginative and sensitive, with the skill to get to the feel we’re after to come through on camera. He’s a good listener too and collaborating was easy and apparently effortless. We know how hard it is to make a shoot look easy. I’d love to work with him more.
    — Claire Tchaikowski
  • I’ve worked with Eric Trometer for a few years on some big filming projects, all with unique challenges “light 100 musicians, for a 37 camera shoot, but not too hot, and the venue is complex and the budget is tight”. What makes him stand out apart from willingness to take such things on, is the fact that he delivers something that really looks beautiful, and always with the highest standards and in the spirit of true collaboration
    — Richard Slaney
  • Professional and great people to work with! Their creative input and technical competencies enable us to produce really good quality films.
    — Jake Dyson
  • A great team! Super camerawork!
    — Nick Hillel
  • …as this short film (2 Men, 1 War, 33 Years on...) by Eric Trometer shows, reconciliation is possible, even among former fighters. It’s a powerful message. It’s a powerful reality.
    — Christiane Amanpour